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WNYbyOwner.com Disclaimers

WNYbyOwner.com is an advertising service that allows people to showcase properties for sale on the Internet. We are not a representative of the buyer or seller in any manner. All property information on this site has been supplied by the seller and/or property owner and we do not assume any responsibility for errors and/or omissions in any listings.

WNYbyOwner.com is strictly an advertising service and bears no legal obligations in regards to the transaction of any property listed on this site. Buyers must verify all facts about a property before making an offer and/or purchase.

WNYbyOwner.com was created as a public forum for property owners and perspective buyers/renters. Although all material listed within this site is believed to be true, WNYbyOwner.com offers no guarantee or warranty of any kind. It is suggested that purchaser(s) investigate all transactions appropriately. Users of WNYbyOwner.com will assume individual liability, absolving WNYbyOwner.com, its owners, and operators from loss, prospective loss, or damages of any kind due to misuse of the site or fraudulent transactions.

$499.00 Flat Fee: Access to the MLS, requires the use of a licensed broker. WNYbyOwner.com has chosen a local Realty Group as the licensed broker in these transactions.

In consideration of $499.00, information provided directly by you, the homeowner, will be published on the MLS for a period of six (6) months. No agency relationship is established by this agreement and in the event the home is sold, it will not be through the efforts of this broker and no commission will be earned or due.

As the homeowner, you hereby acknowledge and agree that your home will be published on the MLS, and access to the service is being provided by the broker chosen by WNYbyOwner.com. Payment of $499.00 is due to the broker, of which a portion will be received by WNYbyOwner.com.

Homeowner hereby acknowledges that at any time during the six (6) month term, in the event the broker is chosen as a full-service broker to represent you and market your home, the broker may provide a nominal referral fee to WNYbyOwner.com.

As stated above, information provided by you will be published on the MLS by a licensed real estate broker. WNYbyOwner.com does not verify, endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of the information as it is listed.

WNYbyOwner standardized operating procedures do not require: (i) prospective clients to show identification; (ii) an exclusive broker agreement or (iii) a pre-approval for a mortgage loan. However, our clients, the individual home owners, may require such items in order to personally view or place an offer on their property.

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